FOMTEC PLASTIC MACHINERY is a leading enterprise in VERTICAL Injection Molding Machine industry. We have devoted ourselves into this field since 1987.After over 30-years development, we now possess modern production bases both in Suzhou and Guangzhou, covering a total area of over 100,000 square meters.
We have not only the internationally advanced facilities like CNC machine tools, but also the most professional team for research and management.

●High efficiency  ●Fast Respond  ●High-precision
Single pump max. flow rate 400L/min. System are suitable for FOMTEC all series.
FOMTEC Machinery has successfully developed and promoted FT, FC, FK and FD series of machines which the clamping force ranging from 12 tons to 650 tons, the injection capacity ranging from 35 grams to 8000 grams. Our main products include:
FT series: Vertical Clamping and Vertical Injection Molding Machine
FC series: Tie-bar Less Vertical Clamping and Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
FK series: Vertical Clamping and Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
FD series: Direct Hydraulic Clamping Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
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